The bottom-up performance review

by Sebastien le gall, at 15 January 2019, category : Management Agile Management 3.0

performance review

The performance review is a common way to regularly give or get feedback about the work that has been done. Some company performs those once a year, other twice a year. Agile teams may do it more frequently. In my previous experiences, the retrospective we were doing after each sprint was a way to give personal feedback, and once a year we were doing a yearly retrospective to summarize the whole past year, as a team.

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A Makefile based CI/CD chain for Go

by Sebastien le gall, at 19 April 2018, category : Go Makefile Travis

lunch button

Whatever the project you are working on, whatever the programming language, using a Makefile to handle common tasks is a great idea.

Makefiles are great at :

  • Mask the complexity of a task;
  • Handle multiple tasks;
  • Help contributors to start with your project;
  • Manage configuration using env var;
  • Define a common interface / standard between projects;
  • Abstract the underlying technology.

For all those reasons, make is a perfect fit with any CI/CD chain. Using a Makefile helps you define a simple and common interface usable whatever the CI/CD chain you plan to use. The only thing you will have to worry about is that your CI/CD chain tool will call the right target.

make something

And the job is done. It could be done with Travis. It could be done with Jenkins. The only thing that matters is the interface defined by your targets.


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Handling validation errors from API-Gateway with AWS Amplify using ReactJs

by Sebastien le gall, at 11 April 2018, category : A w s A p i gateway Amplify

Recently, I've been working with AWS in order to experience how it is to build a MVP really quickly. The goal I've been trying to achieve is to use as much AWS tools as possible to get a working product in production the fastest. aws-amplify

To do that, I choose to rely on :

  • Lambda for back-end code
  • API-Gateway for REST API
  • DynamoDB as a database
  • Cognito to manage Singnin / Singup and authenticated calls to the API.

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